Some Talks with slides

06/07/2023: Value distributions of perfect nonlinear functions. Invited symposium talk at CanaDAM 2023. Slides

04/18/2023: Rank-metric codes from semifields. Invited seminar talk at the Algebraic Coding and Cryptography on the East coast Seminar Series. Slides

03/30/2023: Bivariate Semifields. Invited seminar talk at University College Dublin, Ireland Slides

03/02/2023: Semifields, and their relations to cryptography. Invited seminar talk at University of Alabama, Huntsville Slides

02/24/2023: Semifields, and their relations to coding theory and cryptography. Invited seminar talk at University of South Florida Slides

02/13/2023: Semifields, and their relations to cryptography. Invited seminar talk at Florida Atlantic University Slides

09/27/2022: Equivalences and symmetries in combinatorial structures: From Boolean functions to finite geometries. Invited seminar talk at University of Rostock Slides

09/12/2022: Techniques for proving equivalences of Boolean functions. 7th International Workshop on Boolean functions and their applications (Invited Talk) Slides

08/29/2022: Bivariate semifields and their isotopies. Finite Geometries 2022, Irsee. (Invitation only conference) Slides

03/10/2022: Counting the number of non-isotopic semifields inside some known semifield families, Workshop for Coding and Cryptography 2022, Rostock, Germany. (Refereed Talk) Slides

08/17/2021: Equivalences of S-Boxes, SIAM conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (SIAM AG 21), Minisymposium on Algebraic Methods in Cryptography. (Invited Talk). Slides

07/08/2020: On subspaces of Kloosterman zeros and permutations of the form L_1(x^{-1})+L_2(x), International Workshop on the Arithmetic of Finite Fields (WAIFI) 2020, Rennes, France. (Refereed Talk)

06/06/2019: How do binary operations interact with the subfield structure of a finite field?, Finite Fields and their Applications (Fq14), Vancouver, Canada. (Contributed Talk)

05/20/2019: XOR-counts and Lightweight Multiplication with Fixed Elements in Binary Finite Fields, EUROCRYPT 2019, Darmstadt, Germany. (Refereed Talk)

11/23/2018: Optimal implementations of matrix multiplication in finite fields Colloquium on Combinatorics 2018, Paderborn, Germany. (Contributed Talk)

05/02/2018: Efficient multiplication in binary finite fields, Discrete Mathematics Seminary, University of Rostock, Germany.